Welcome to PI Back Office – Your Personal Injury Life-Cycle Management Solution

Our Mission

We are here to connect, grow and serve our community by offering support and financial security of assets for medical providers in personal injury by applying applicable law around assignments and liens. We are a highly-unique management and practice development group specializing in personal injury account management for healthcare practitioners located in just about every state.

Our “Secret Sauce”

We Maximize the 3 Ps of a Personal Injury Case: Provider / Patient / Payer

Our Aim

We are here to liberate providers from all hassles associated with management of personal injury accounts so they can focus on what they do best – treating and caring for patients. We specialize in:

  • preventing reductions and suspensions of payment by no fault payers;
  • collecting directly from third-party liability payers in Unrepresented cases (cases where the patient elects NOT to retain an attorney);
  • collecting successfully and quickly from attorneys the providers don’t know or don’t trust.

We ensure that providers get paid at the highest reasonable collection rate possible consistent with the ability to grow their practice in this area.

Lastly – We develop and grow the practitioner injury practice and enhance their ability to build out this area of their offerings.

How We Do It

  • File claims and follow up on explanation of reimbursement, apply funds and work account receivables
  • Help identify pitfalls within your office
  • Facilitate one on one consultation and training
  • Tailor services to your practice
  • Work diligently with your office staff as often as needed
  • Provide a personalized case manager to your office
  • Empower you to stay in control of your PI cases with ease

How the Provider Benefits

  • Increase the amount of time available to spend on care for your patients and growth of your practice
  • Grow revenue by securing payments from third-party liability payers as well as attorney represented cases while preventing reductions and suspensions of payments
  • Enhance professional working relationships by maximizing the 3 Ps of a Personal injury case: Provider / Patient / Payer

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