PI Back Office Staff

Gina Mills

“Life is a journey, the best is yet to come, so believe it!”

Gina Mills was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA, among six sisters and one brother. At a young age Gina always wanted to become a teacher because she has a passion for learning and always wanted to share what she learned with others.

Gina’s family later moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina, while still finishing High School, she graduated from Cape Fear High. Shortly, after graduation, she traveled all over the United States. She ended up in Portland, Oregon where she connected with many individuals on a personal and professional level, while attending several schools which included, cosmetology, nursing, insurance/billing and coding and business.

After achieving major accomplishments, she later moved back to North Carolina and landed in a career at an Outpatient Surgery Center as a Business Office/Revenue Cycle Manager where she wore many hats.

Gina later she had the opportunity to be part of a company that challenged her. She decided to be part and moved back to the Pacific Northwest working with PI Back Office and ABQ Rehab Massage & Injury where she now wears many hats. She takes pride in learning every day and have a love to share what she learned with others.

Gina travels often inside and outside the United States, which is what she has always wanted to do.

Outside of work, Gina has a passion for learning and giving her time to others who are less fortunate. Gina is an active member of Habitat Humanity, her local church and giving whatever she can when it is needed.

Tyniesha Perry

TyNiesha Perry was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA among four older brothers. Even at a young age, TyNiesha was always a very good student and a quick learner.

During high school, TyNiesha discovered that she enjoyed her mock trial class to later figure out that her passion was law. She graduated from SciTech High School to then go on to attend Stevenson University in Owings Mills, MD for a semester, with a major in Paralegal Studies. After which she transferred to Clarion University of Pennsylvania where she is currently a senior, finishing up her last two semesters.

TyNiesha is currently working as a case manger with PI Back Office and is excited to continue this journey with the other intelligent women working with her and this company.

In her free time, TyNiesha enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. She would love to travel the world to many different places whenever she gets the opportunity to.

Gina Theresa Mancuso

Gina Theresa Mancuso was raised in Coventry, a small town in eastern Connecticut. She attended Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. When Gina returned to CT, she got her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and worked in the legal field for 15 years in areas ranging from Real Estate to Litigation. Taking a risk, Gina decided to change the direction of my career and left the legal field, landing a position in a Chiropractic office in Manchester, CT. What she thought was just a stepping stone to something else turned into one of the greatest passions of her life. The Doctor Gina worked for took her to seminars throughout the years, everyone she attended got her more and more excited about Chiropractic.

Teaching the weekly health class, they offered their new patients was the most fulling part of her day. Gina enjoyed being able to educate people with such powerful information about their health. Soon thereafter she met the man of her dreams and moved with him to his hometown of Amarillo, TX. Together in their new home, he is starting a new business, and Gina is getting to use her extensive legal skills and passion for Chiropractic to shine as a part of the PI Back Office team, and to be a part of something that is instrumental to the Chiropractic profession.

Julianne Garcia

Julianne Garcia has been in the personal injury field for over 10 years, including case management and owning her own practice. It was in this work and knowledge of the industry, that she formed PI Back Office, a company that exclusively facilitates, full service, PI account management solutions, to healthcare practitioners.